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  • Our Staff



    Name: Wally

    Position: President & CEO

    Description: I am one of the founders and primary leaders of Zaps Technology. My role is to guide our staff to fulfill our mission every day by connecting our guests and members with technology discussion and ensuring that everyone receives a world class experience on our sites.




    Name: Techman

    Position: Assistant to the President & CEO, Interim System Administrator

    Description: As one of the founders and primary leaders of Zaps Technology, my role is to help Wally lead, direct and guide the efforts of the staff team. I am also responsible for system administration duties on an interim basis.



    Name: Chris

    Position: Social Media Manager

    Description: My role is to ensure that Zaps Technology has a strong and visible social media presence and that we are using all of the web 2.0 tools to our full advantage to spread the word about our great sites!