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Rules for Tech Marketplace **Please Review**

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As well as the forum rules, Tech Marketplace has some special rules of its own.

1) Zaps Technology is not responsible for any "deals". If a deal goes bad, do not attempt to use Zaps Technology as your battleground; post your feedback and take it up outside of our community. Sellers/Buyers/Shoppers beware.

2) To participate in the Tech Marketplace forum, you must:
1.) Have 75 quality posts. Do NOT make useless posts in order to use this forum.
2.) Use the PM system. If you post something for sale you will be expected to respond to PMs sent by prospective buyers/sellers. If you cannot answer the PMs, or your box is continuously full, the thread will be deleted.

3) You must have a SET PRICE for ALL of your products. 'Best Deals', 'PM me for Price' and all of the others will be deleted without warning. Trades are allowed.

4) No price checks. If you want to know what a part or system is worth check eBay and/or online deal sites. Do your own homework as we won't do it for you.

5) Do not post a web-site to your 'GREAT DEAL!', nor a URL to an auction. Post your product, post your price, and possibly post your pics. Shipping details and method of payment needs to be worked out via PM.

***NOTICE*** Tech Marketplace is a forum for members to sell their own personal items, not a shingle to advertise businesses. Due to the upswing of these kinds of posts, any such will be treated as spam by the moderation staff.

6) Do not bump your thread. Thousands of people visit this site every day. If someone is interested they will post and/or search for what they want or are looking for. Bumps posted less than a week after the last post will be deleted; repeated bumps will result in the entire thread being removed.

7) Pictures posted in Tech Marketplace should be of a moderate size, around 600 x 600. If the image is large, post a thumbnail link or a regular link to it. Large posted images will be deleted.

8) Follow our rules or don't post. Using the Tech Marketplace forum is a privilege, not a right. Respect the site.

9) It is recommended that all buyers/sellers/traders join HeatWare in order to establish and use a rating system. Read their TOS. Please note the following:

  • Zaps Technology members, as buyers/sellers/traders should list the link to their HeatWare account in their signature.
  • Zaps Technology is not responsible for use or misuse of the HeatWare rating system.
  • Zaps Technology cannot guarantee the accuracy of users’ ratings.
  • Again, Sellers/Buyers/Shoppers beware of those members not using the HeatWare rating system, or those that have bad ratings.

10) No lowballing! If you want to make an offer, make an offer. Don't insult everyone's intelligence by offering a ridiculously low amount, or just a ridiculous amount.
Lowball posts will be deleted, and frequent offenders will be warned and enter into the disciplinary course of action.

11) Any items listed by members outside of the continental United States need to have the member's country listed in the title. An example would be, "AMD 3200+ For sale (England)." This will help those who are not in the US to find better deals without having to pay astronomical shipping and import taxes.

12) Posts that are derogatory, complain about a seller's price, or are not an interest in the goods posted for sale will be treated as spam. Asking for clarification or additional information is permissible, as is making offers. Keep comments on the subject at hand (the items(s) for sale); any other side conversations need to be either through PMs or in a different forum.

13) If your post does not follow these rules, it WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT NOTICE.

These rules may be changed without notice.


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