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  2. In the early days ofshortwave radio, you could discover some unheard of and mysterious stations and other audible hearings. I could only imagine what that would've sounded, and now I wished i got in to this interest when I was a kid! Anyway, take a look at this video, and see what you think!:-)
  3. A Alpha al-fah B Bravo brah-voh C Charlie char-lee D Delta dell-tah E Echo eck-oh F Foxtrot / Frank foks-trot / Fraink G Golf golf H Hotel hoh-tell I India in-dee-ah J Juliet jew-lee-ett K Kilo kee-loh L Lima lee-mah M Mike mike N November noh-vem-ber O Oscar oss-cah P Papa pah-pah Q Quebec keh-beck R Romeo row-me-oh S Sierra see-air-ah T Tango tang-go U Uniform you-nee-form or oo-nee-form V Victor vik-tah W Whiskey wiss-key X Xray ecks-ray Y Yankee yang-key Z Zulu / zed zoo-loo / Z -Edd
  4. QRG Your exact frequency (or that of ______) is _________kHz. Will you tell me my exact frequency (or that of __________)? QRL I am busy (or I am busy with _________). Are you busy? Usually used to see if a frequency is busy. QRM Your transmission is being interfered with _________ (1. Nil; 2. Slightly; 3. Moderately; 4. Severely; 5. Extremely.) Is my transmission being interfered with? QRN I am troubled by static _________. (1 to 5 as under QRM.) Are you troubled by static? QRO Increase power. Shall I increase power? QRP Decrease power. Shall I decrease power? QRQ Send faster (_________wpm). Shall I send faster? QRS Send more slowly (_________wpm). Shall I send more slowly? QRT Stop sending. Shall I stop sending? QRU I have nothing for you. Have you anything for me? QRV I am ready. Are you ready? QRX I will call you again at ______hours (on ______kHz). When will you call me again? Minutes are usually implied rather than hours. QRZ You are being called by _________ (on ______kHz). Who is calling me? QSB Your signals are fading. Are my signals fading? QSK I can hear you between signals; break in on my transmission. Can you hear me between your signals and if so can I break in on your transmission? QSL I am acknowledging receipt. Can you acknowledge receipt (of a message or transmission)? QSO I can communicate with _________ direct (or relay through ______). Can you communicate with ______ direct or by relay? QSP I will relay to ______. Will you relay to ______? QST General call preceding a message addressed to all amateurs and ARRL members. This is in effect “CQ ARRL.” QSX I am listening to ______ on ______kHz. Will you listen to ______on ______kHz? QSY Change to transmission on another frequency (or on ______kHz). Shall I change to transmission on another frequency (or on ______kHz)? QTC These I have ______messages for you (or for ______). QHsoigwnmalasnayremtehsesoanges uhsaevde myooustoosftendo?n the air. (Q abbreviations take the form of questions only when they are sent followed by a question mark.) QTH My location is _________. What is your location? QTR The time is _________. What is the correct time? She

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