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  2. As a retrocomputing enthusiast, I have at least passing familiarity with just about every console and home computer released throughout history. So it is always a surprise and a treat when I come across a console I've never heard of before, like the Mega Duck (called the Cougar Boy in some markets). The Mega Duck was a handheld console similar to the Nintendo Game Boy and it was sold in Europe and South America starting in 1993. It was particularly popular in the Netherlands, where Ruud van Falier received one as a child. After letting it sit for 25 years, he resurrected his Mega Duck with an IPS upgrade. IPS screen upgrades are popular for Game Boy handhelds, because the original dot matrix LCD screens were pretty awful. IPS screens provide a much crisper view and are far more pleasant to use. And while those original dot matrix LCD screens were grayscale, it is possible to remap the different shades to distinct colors on an IPS screen in order to enhance the visuals. As van Falier found out, the Mega Duck's dot matrix LCD screen specifications are exactly the same as the Game Boy's. That meant that he could follow a similar process to upgrade the display
  3. My favorite is the thunderbolt it there are several different models but I like model with the double solenoid that is good for hi lo alarm

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