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Zapstech, Beacon Lodge broadcasting is your group for the best content, including technology, reviews, live performances, and even the best tracks, as well as the leading entertainment for two organizations worldwide featuring our very own radio and TV stations
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  2. happy Groundhog Day from Zapstech we will be having our annual groundhog day celebration on twitch the official celebration will be streamed followed by our zapstech celebration we will be using our mascot glitch the guinea pig as he chooses between two scrolls, which will be sent by webmail to the Zapstech inner circle we will let glitch choose which one he wants in Groundhog Day fashion and then the CEO well read said scroll will it be spring or will it be winter we will find out next week
  3. Come and join us live for the all day ZBLCTV televised Christmas party event we will have holiday fun and more
  4. Zapstech stuffer's - Last minute christmas tech gadgetry - Tomorrow AAA - all about arlo - The subscription based security camera system - Tuesday Weather radio Beep day celebration - A tribuate to all the men and woman in the nation weather service as well as the tech being deployed to keep the world save from all weather hazard's - Wenesday thursday - About ZBLCTV - How our internet tv station work's learn what software is being deployed for our live webcasts and websshow's Friday - All about bose sound system's surround sound and more lend us your ears and watch as we talk about different type of bose systems to make your entertainment system more realistic and enriched with bose product's Saturday - Accordion Christmas caroling Join techman friendscrafter as he plays triditional christmas music and a other tune's as well
  5. Faithful members, we have started our Christmas season on ZTBLR. We hope it brings your . ship by the fire or listen it on your smart speaker, as well as your smart phone Apple TV, android, or any other device that you can hear Internet radio on is the season of Zapstech
  6. Learn about the mysterious area 51 will we lose our carrier like art bell find out this October?
  7. Zapstech Beacon Lodge Radio re-launched its server yesterday and we are gonna be doing a welcome back on the air tomorrow as part of our Zapstech duties. We hope that you will enjoy
  8. Remember the days of when we were in lockdown tell the stories of what happened during the days of when the 9/11 plane attacks the world trade center share your stories of what happened during those times
  9. Shoutcast and twitch feed hosted on a dual core 8 gig of ram with a 1 TB hard drive Check us out on our radio station as well as our video feed it’s radio that you can see
  10. Would you like to know how the electronic racers do there a trade as they race electronically learn how with this broadcast today tune in for an in-depth coverage of how the electronic racing bandwagon works coverage only on Zaps Tech And Beacon Lodge Radio
  11. Join us every 9:00 pm est the dual streaming of the James olmos show live on sinespace and via our internet internet radio station
  12. Listeners , we are having our evening radio broadcast tonight around 6:45 PM EST tonight‘s topic for commentaries is entertainment and we will also Be throwing down some tracks as well hope you will all be a able to Make itTo help broadcast the show If you would like to call in and request a song please use this number+1 (814) 514-4064 http://ztbrn.listen2myshow.com
  13. We are going to celebrate Linuxmans 20 birthday celebration on the air with music fun and more
  14. Listeners and members we will be having our radio day celebration broadcast at 4:00 pm hope to see you there learn about how radio has been a start of a area that will last until the end of time
  15. We may cover of us on a future processor the glory days of short wave radio sounded like Sorry, meant to say we make colors in the future broadcast, but this with the glory days of shortwave radio sounded like sorry, meant to say we make cover this in a future broadcast, but this was the glory days of Shrewave radio sounded like We are talking from the 60s
  16. Audio movie now showing Young Frankenstein Actors or Peter Boil,Cloris Leachman Teri Garr, and Gene Wilder join a college professor who got the deed and wheel to his grandfather‘s estate and created a monster just like the original Frankenstein picture this comedy is for the whole family to enjoy just tune into the radio station hit the play button to enjoy the movie
  17. We now have adventures in odyssey check The radio station to listen into them

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