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Zapstech Media Radio is your group for the best content, including technology, reviews, live performances, and even the best tracks, as well as the leading entertainment for the web featuring our very own internet radio station World Wide shows and news about our radio station here
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  2. Ask Zapstech - learn about zapstech the origins of how it started Ask IBC - learn about the origins about the IBC and how it started Terrestrial Tuesdays - Discord, announcing plus call - in round table show about paranormal experiences as well as ghost experiences, do you think that this is A-Lie well tune into this out of this world show
  3. If you ever come to our zapstech headquarts here in PA, here is what you'll find on your radio dial. Side note: since Preston Grew up in western PA during the late 90's into the 2000's, he does know some if not all of these stations in this peace.
  4. ztmr has been added a usb wireless condenser mic to my studio for more clear announcer audio
  5. listeners , the Z-Line is down for maintenance because of the new call system we are putting in place we are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause our technicians are working to insure our z-line will be back in use asap
  6. Every Wednesday at between the hours of 11 AM and noon we will do our weekly weather alert test. We will have a beep tone followed by a short announcement and then we will go back to our normal programming schedule.
  7. Folks, here is a copy of this week's Throwback Saturday Night. It is our annual Thanksgiving special. We talk about Preston's very interesting security landscape story, we even play an interview regarding a latest book in the landscape, Your Face Belongs to us, and play lots of great tunes from the last several decades! We hope you enjoy, and make it a great week!:-) http://986themix.com/throwback/throwback 11-18-2023.mp3
  8. Everyone, we needed to record throwback saturday night as a podcast, due to tech issues with our flagship station of the show. We are working to get these issues sorted out, and we should be back in business next week. Thank you for understanding. http://www.986themix.com/throwback/throwback 11-11-2023.mp3
  9. Everyone: I received word on the following file and in my Imessage group, that we had to record TBSN as a podcast only eppisode this week. Reason being? we had some technical issues with connecting to our KKMX server for live broadcast. So if you hear any coding or typing in the background, that what occured yesterday. Nether the less, we hope you will enjoy what will have to offer, and as long as the tech gods don't interfiere our software, we will be back live next week. Sorry for the inconnvience. http://www.986themix.com/throwback/throwback 11-11-2023.mp3
  10. Listeners , this our copy of TBSN for this past week, the last hour of the cyber security awareness month ran overtime since we didn't cover all of our topics during the live show. We hope you enjoy this file, and as always, stay safe and stay aware. I'm sure we will rerun this on ZTMR at some point. http://www.986themix.com/throwback/throwback 11-4-2023.mp3
  11. Members and listeners, just to let you know that we put a halt on religious/Christian music due to the holiday lineup. We will resume Christian/religious music on January 3, 2024 it
  12. Everyone, I wanted to make you aware we are a brand new month a Throwback Saturday night. We love it very interesting topic to wrap up national cyber security awareness month. Hope you can join us later on tonight. This will be Samuel cast on our nonprofit station as always for your enjoyment I'm listening to 98.6 The Mix Server 2 on Get Me Radio!Join me at https://www.getmeradio.com/stations/986themixserver2-1487 #GetMeRadio And also will be carried on ZTMR http://ztmr.listen2myradio.com plus all the aggragators on the web
  13. Folks, just in case you haven’t heard my promo on the Station yet, we are writing to let you know starting November 2023, and going through at least the day after Christmas, or until January, this station will provide you nothing but great holiday cheer from all of our presenters, to special programming, and so much more. We realize that hundreds and hundreds of radio stations, both over the air and streaming, provide the same great Christmas content so you are free to choose whatever you like for this year’s festivities, but we hope you make ZTMR apart a part of your holiday season 2023. apart a part of your holiday season 2023. So from all of us to all of you, thank you for making our second year as a radio station in as an online asset to this organization, one of the greatest years yet! We pledge to continue our services to you for many more years to come! Left parent has time and God allow right parent. happy holidays!!!
  14. Everyone, we are pleased to report that preston was interviewed on aaron’s opinion during national disability awareness month. We cover a lot of topics, including our site and the radio station. And he knocked it out of the park. I’m sure we will run this at a later time, but if you want to, listen anytime we will provide the podcast link below. Listen anytime we will provide the podcast link below. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/aarons-opinion/id1535839694?i=1000632278801
  15. Folks, we are riding to let you know that preston has recruited one of our site members to be a guest on another podcast that we support called aaron’s opinion. Folks, we are riding to let you know that preston has recruited one of our site members to be a guest on another podcast that we support called Aaron’s opinion. Preston was also interviewed during national disability awareness month as well, so I’m sure we will run that episode at a later date in this one too, but until then take a list into both episodes, and let us know what you think! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/aarons-opinion/id1535839694?i=1000632741541
  16. Listeners, audio movies are now available on our radio station. Please be sure to tune in for all the favorites, including horror, and much more
  17. Folks, we wanted to make you aware that our radio station is going through some neccessary upgrades, and some technical glitches. But don't worry the station is still in existance. If you see an error message on your media player, or stream directory, don't panic. We are working very hard to get things back in full operation. We will post updates when all is working again. Thank you so much for your continued support! Thanks, Preston and the entire zapstech media radio family.
  18. Listeners , tune in today for soft rock, Monday, featuring soft rock nonstop into the evening
  19. Remember this piece of technology from the past when everybody wanted one of these iconic stereo’s
  20. Listeners, join us next week at 6:45 PM east Wednesday as we come on to tell everyone about the new ways for people to connect to the Internet when they travel with the new gogo Internet structure for trains, and other means Internet, and entertainment, as you travel also sports fan, tech, and much more also, including the usual spins
  21. Keeping Jimmy Buffett alive on our site and radio station, listen to all the classics, including live and Jimmy Buffett oldies, but goodies keeping the Jimmy Buffett Ara alive
  22. Hurricane season is upon us and ztmr has you covered with up to date coverage as well as your favorite tunes and shows

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