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Art creations from zapstech members as well as pieces of tech orientated art
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  2. Nothing says "unique" like custom tech artwork designed just for you by a professional artist. Need ideas? We’ve collected some amazing examples of technology art from our global community of illustrators. Get inspired and start planning the perfect tech art today. by merci dsgn
  3. The HyperCube is a hi-tech art and lighting piece, it's the infinity mirror taken to the next dimension. These cubes make inspiring bedside nightlights, luminous art pieces, radical event and entertainment decorations, technological additions to classrooms and science centers, wormhole generators, and spaceship hyper-drives. The HyperCube is bright enough to light up a whole room, and the hypnotic interplay between the dynamic light patterns and symmetric geometry of the piece will mesmerize all who see it. Any who enjoy modern home decor and lighting, hi-tech art and gadgets, or just colorful lights in general will enjoy this piece.

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