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Radio directory update!!!

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Hello Everyone,

We have some more exciting news regarding news regarding the radio station!

I fixed our get me radio listing because it was down for the past few days, all I needed to do is to add our listen2myradio web player link, changed a few minor kinks, and bam! Things seem to be working on that front.

As of this writing, the station has 4 listeners (we're sure more will be forth comming).

In other news, we are back on online radio box, simple radio AKA streema, receiver radio, and will be adding more to the list over time.

As always, if you need anything from us, our direct phone line is (814)-859-9386.

Your also welcome to comment on this post, or reach out in other means you have with zapstech media staff.

We thank you for your patience and support, now go make it a "zapstastic" day!!!:-)



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 radio garden is out of our corner for a while if anyone wants to know listen live next week we will have full story  

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