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  2. Hello Everybody we hope to keep the world safe with our weather reporting and emergency alerts stay safe
  3. 6-12 inches of snow are to come with this storm please stay safe for anyone who is getting hit by the storm as well as the ones who already had the storm pass. Still be careful if your going out because the roads could still be not as great. For the ones who are getting hit, i.e. me, be careful if you do have to go out, I am working today, I will be safe heading to work! Wind Advisory in effect as well, gusts could be up to 40+ MPH. It’s already really windy.
  4. as well as the next few days there will be really cold temps
  5. Northern New Hampshire is under a wind chill warning until 12PM Today Tuesday, Jan. 11th 2022 Wind chills down to possible -30 -40 Degrees. I have clocked it at -25 Degrees as the feel like temp as the current actual temperature was -13 Be safe everyone if you are under any wind chill warning watch or advisory. and do not stay out too long as Frost bite can be caused within 10-15 minutes or less

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