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We have outstanding radio content, including Entertainment , reviews, Tech News and live performances.
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  2. all tests went through as expected. Stay safe, and stay tuned!
  3. As today is Wednesday. I have decided to do a live voice of our zapstech media radio required weekly test.
  4. Get e up for new country songs by your favorite country artists
  5. Hello everybody Happy Sun eclipse day , join us as we celebrate the solar eclipse as we as get ready for the upcoming eclipse coverage will began soon on http://ztmr.listen2myradio.com with fun and great tunes for you Happy eclipse day!!!!
  6. Sit back and enjoy the sounds of the 70s and 80s mix spinning the classics from that era
  7. Ask Zapstech - learn about zapstech the origins of how it started Ask IBC - learn about the origins about the IBC and how it started Terrestrial Tuesdays - Discord, announcing plus call - in round table show about paranormal experiences as well as ghost experiences, do you think that this is A-Lie well tune into this out of this world show
  8. Listeners, the Z-Line is currently down for maintenance because of the new call system we are putting in place. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, as our technicians are working to ensure uptime ASAP.
  9. Hello all, We are here to make you aware that Vultur, our server that we use for the radio station, will be undergoing maintance tomorrow (July 21) from 4 AM to 10:00 AM. When things get resolved, you will hear our stream play once again, I'm sure vultur will be sending out an audio clip as things happen, but this is to let you and our radio partners know. We thnk you for your paitence and understanding!!! Sincerely yours, Preston and the entire zapstech media team.
  10. Members, upon our research, we will not be able to cover the live MILB, the TV feed on our radio station because if we did, we would be infringing copyright and the consequences would be very severe such as jail time and even a big fine but rest assured that we will be providing content through our radio and TV sources
  11. with the baseball season on a high Zapstech Media Radio would like to offer some of the minor-league baseball club broadcasts we would be covering most of the clubs, home and away games.
  12. Happy Cinco de Mayo from Zapstech we are playing Cinco de Mayo music on the radio station for all to enjoy grab your mobile device, computer or phone and have a margarita and use us to make your Cinco de Mayo a happy one
  13. If you want to hear the electronic NASCAR race is happening, live on Zapstech media radio network live now
  14. 007 Goldfinger playing on the radio station Listen to this iconic, secret agent, Man thriller, featuring James Bond secret agent
  15. Zapstech stuffer's - Last minute christmas tech gadgetry - Tomorrow AAA - all about arlo - The subscription based security camera system - Tuesday Weather radio Beep day celebration - A tribuate to all the men and woman in the nation weather service as well as the tech being deployed to keep the world save from all weather hazard's - Wenesday thursday - About ZBLCTV - How our internet tv station work's learn what software is being deployed for our live webcasts and websshow's Friday - All about bose sound system's surround sound and more lend us your ears and watch as we talk about different type of bose systems to make your entertainment system more realistic and enriched with bose product's Saturday - Accordion Christmas caroling Join techman friendscrafter as he plays triditional christmas music and a other tune's as well

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