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Zapstech Media Radio is your group for the best content, including technology, reviews, live performances, and even the best tracks, as well as the leading entertainment for the web featuring our very own internet radio station World Wide shows and news about our radio station here
  1. What's new in this group
  2. Folks, we wanted to make you aware that our radio station is going through some neccessary upgrades, and some technical glitches. But don't worry the station is still in existance. If you see an error message on your media player, or stream directory, don't panic. We are working very hard to get things back in full operation. We will post updates when all is working again. Thank you so much for your continued support! Thanks, Preston and the entire zapstech media radio family.
  3. Listeners , tune in today for soft rock, Monday, featuring soft rock nonstop into the evening
  4. Remember this piece of technology from the past when everybody wanted one of these iconic stereo’s
  5. Listeners, join us next week at 6:45 PM east Wednesday as we come on to tell everyone about the new ways for people to connect to the Internet when they travel with the new gogo Internet structure for trains, and other means Internet, and entertainment, as you travel also sports fan, tech, and much more also, including the usual spins
  6. Keeping Jimmy Buffett alive on our site and radio station, listen to all the classics, including live and Jimmy Buffett oldies, but goodies keeping the Jimmy Buffett Ara alive
  7. Hurricane season is upon us and ztmr has you covered with up to date coverage as well as your favorite tunes and shows
  8. join us next week for another episode of xbox weekly where we dive into the newest console on the market the xbox series X as we talk about the latest trends for the xbox console pre broadcast began's prop 6:15 pm est we will also might have a special guest FourBoss9483725 to engauge with us as we dive deep into the world of xbox Z-Will be open for this broadcast Call toll free 814-514-4063
  9. Oh boy, this is going to get interesting!!!
  10. Join us a 6:30 pm east for X tech live on Zapstech media radio learn about all different types in the Xbox gaming console era as well as our normal tracks mixed in
  11. Hello listeners and members just to let you know that the radio station is down for maintenance. We are going to test a mixing program to make sure that the audio is as clear and professional as possible.
  12. Hello all, We are here to make you aware that Vultur, our server that we use for the radio station, will be undergoing maintance tomorrow (July 21) from 4 AM to 10:00 AM. When things get resolved, you will hear our stream play once again, I'm sure vultur will be sending out an audio clip as things happen, but this is to let you and our radio partners know. We thnk you for your paitence and understanding!!! Sincerely yours, Preston and the entire zapstech media team.
  13. get your dancing shoes and head out on the town media radio is throwing its dance party whether you are in a park or on the town get your groove on with these selected tracks that we have spin up just for you
  14. Join us as we count down the hours as we make our annual trek up to the Beacon Lodge camp/resort in this broadcast we will share some experiences and interesting things about Beacon Lodge plus our usual spin of tracks on air. We will also take call ins via our Z-Line the number is 8145144063 call to join in the broadcast
  15. Feel the power of the disco enjoy this selection, hand-picked for to you to enjoy
  16. Get amped up for this wonderful weekend of rock music grow your hair and get your guitar and get ready to pick it as hard as you can with this selection of hand pick tracks just for you
  17. Awesome 80s Music takes you back into the 80s age
  18. Happy Independence Day from Zapstech media radio listeners join us with patriotic music, as well as the sound of loud booming fireworks to make your Fourth of July a big bang of a party or gathering
  19. July 10 will be our Zapstech campfire night. This means that we will be having Technology talk scary stories, paranormal stories and much more including all the usual tunes Zapstech Media Radio
  20. Learn how to broadcast on the go even if you’re away from your big computer
  21. Want to be a Internet radio station and do the things that we do learn all about the tricks of the trade in this special broadcast of how to make and manage a Internet Radio station, including aggregators, servers, sound effects and much more also learn about the software is being deployed to run the ZTMR radio station and other types of Internet radio stations that are running today
  22. On Sunday, July 2 we are going to have some technical difficulties due to thunderstorms in the data center broadcast area going out to the world but this will not stop our broadcast. If you are experiencing any glitches or buffers this is why.

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