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  2. Rec room, summer outfit featuring a Luau shirt with a black bowtie
  3. Here is me and my friends scores from bowling in rec room
  4. Zapstech will be offering gaming servers for people to play on here on some upcoming servers in the works
  5. LodgeNet was a hotel game streaming service for the SNES, Nintendo 64, and Nintendo GameCube. LodgeNet launched its on-demand hospitality service in late 1993, including worldwide delivery of SNES games to hotel guests via its proprietary building-wide networks.[3] The system was installed in 200,000 hotel guest rooms by April 1996 and 530,000 guest rooms by mid-1999, as reported by LodgeNet.[4] By April 1996, LodgeNet reported that its partnership with Nintendo to deliver SNES games had yielded 200,000 worldwide hotel guest room installations.[4] Nintendo and LodgeNet entered a 10-year licensing agreement for an "aggressive" upgrade to add Nintendo 64 support to their existing 500,000 SNES equipped guest room installations on June 16, 1998.[5] According to LodgeNet, within the system's past five years to date, the system had "caused Nintendo to become the most successful new product rollout in the history of the hotel pay-per-view industry."[6] LodgeNet reported that 35 million hotel guests encountered the Nintendo name as an integral amenity within the middle of 1998 alone,[6] and it reported sales of more than 54 million minutes of Nintendo-based gameplay.[7] LodgeNet and Nintendo began expanding and upgrading their existing SNES buildout to include Nintendo 64 support on June 10, 1999. LodgeNet reported in mid-1999 that its 530,000 hotel room installations were increasing at a rate of 11,000 rooms per month.[4][7] Nintendo and LodgeNet began delivering newly released Nintendo 64 games to hotel rooms at more than 1,000 hotel sites in September 2000, concurrently with the games' retail releases, demonstrating "the capacity to update [LodgeNet's] interactive digital systems with fresh content virtually overnight."[8] The above text is from the Super Mario Wiki and is available under a Creative Commons license. Attribution must be provided through a list of authors or a link back to the original article. Source: https://www.mariowiki.com/LodgeNet
  6. I’ve been playing a lot of Tomb Raider lately, still trying to beat it on Very Hard difficulty man it’s quite challenging but fun!! Totally recommend these games to anyone!

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