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Amateur Radio

Amateur radio, phonetic alphabet

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A Alpha al-fah
B Bravo brah-voh
C Charlie char-lee
D Delta dell-tah
E Echo eck-oh
F Foxtrot / Frank foks-trot / Fraink
G Golf golf
H Hotel hoh-tell
I India in-dee-ah
J Juliet jew-lee-ett
K Kilo kee-loh
L Lima lee-mah
M Mike mike
N November noh-vem-ber
O Oscar oss-cah
P Papa pah-pah
Q Quebec keh-beck
R Romeo row-me-oh
S Sierra see-air-ah
T Tango tang-go
U Uniform you-nee-form or oo-nee-form
V Victor vik-tah
W Whiskey wiss-key
X Xray ecks-ray
Y Yankee yang-key
Z Zulu / zed zoo-loo / Z -Edd
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